Welcome to our maisonettes near the coast of the beautiful Greek Paralia Ofriniou

How to choose the right place for a summer holiday - Danai Maisonettes in Paralia Ofrinio awaits you.

How to choose the right place for a summer holiday - Danai Maisonettes in Paralia Ofrinio awaits you.

Find out what are the most important factors for choosing the right place for your summer vacation. Rent a house or maisonette in the heart of Northern Greece - rest in Danai Maisonettes.

You love summer and you've been waiting all year for a great summer vacation, but the question "Where" always arises? Choosing the right place is important for a cheerful mood and a pleasant stay for you and the whole family or company. Therefore, stop at the appropriate place that will meet everyone's expectations and ideas.

How to choose the right place for summer vacation?

Especially for you, we have selected several key factors that you should consider when choosing accommodation for your summer vacation:

Search on verified platforms or

Regardless of whether you have settled on hotel accommodation or a "guest house" type, the most important thing is that the relevant premises appear in verified platforms. Especially if you are going to travel to another country and do not know the area. Of course, you could always contact the owner directly and book through his personal site because you can get a better price, but check it out first.

Start your search early

If you are sure that you will organize a holiday at the sea this year, start your search as early as possible. Usually then you also have an advantage because there is the largest selection and you can get a good discount. Many tourists practice this way, so don't miss the opportunity to rent the perfect place for your exciting trip.

Choose priorities and what you would compromise with

Every tourist is different and has different requirements. Consider whether you want to rest on the first line with a view of the sea, whether you prefer large hotels or quiet places. First of all, you need to decide whether to choose a hotel or rent an apartment or house. Define what a place can do for you and what amenities you want 100% of, and what you're willing to compromise on.

Choice of accommodation according to budget

Set a budget and start your search within that price range. There are many options, so you will surely find your corner. When you're on a tight budget, we advise you to be more organized and look at accommodations in your chosen location early. Usually, renting out a house or apartment has more advantages in terms of price because it allows more amenities and more capacity with which you can save for other pleasures.

Family recreation vs. party

The two types of vacations that are usually organized can be divided into two - a party or a family vacation. If you've gone for the first option, then you'll probably prefer bigger and noisier hotels, with lots of entertainment, located near restaurants and nightspots.

If you are planning a family vacation, it would be more appropriate to look at options in smaller resort towns, village type, with accommodation in a furnished apartment or house, so that you have all the necessary amenities in case you decide to prepare your own food and to have lunch or dinner on the lovely veranda.

And have you already chosen where to rest?

If you haven't, we hope we've been helpful.

Danai Maisonettes in Paralia Ofrinio awaits you.

We have prepared everything you need for a peaceful and amazing stay!

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Welcome to our maisonettes near the coast of the beautiful Greek Paralia Ofriniou

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